Candle Labels

Create your custom candle labels

Ordering your customised candle labels has never been easier with our online service. Simply choose your size, upload your design and we’ll take care of the rest!

A 100mm x 100mm round label is a slightly larger sized circular label that offers more space for information or design elements.
From £117.91

Whether for product labelling, branding, or promotional purposes, a 50mm x 50mm square label can effectively convey your message and enhance the overall presentation of your products or materials.
From £104.36

A 100mm x 100mm square label offers a large canvas for comprehensive information, prominent branding, and visually appealing designs. It grabs attention, communicates effectively, and adds a professional touch to your products or promotional materials.
From £109.37

A 100mm x 50mm rectangle label offers a balanced proportion, ample space for information, and versatile design options. Its rectangular shape allows for efficient communication, effective product labelling, and enhanced branding opportunities. Whether you need to convey detailed information or create a visually appealing design, a 100 x 50mm label provides a suitable platform for your labelling needs.
From £105.78

Order your candle labels from the comfort of your own home or office.

Trust the label experts to ensure a smooth and efficient production process, delivering high-quality labels directly to your doorstep. Giving you time to focus on your craft whilst leaving the labels to the professionals.