Square Labels

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Whether for product labelling, branding, or promotional purposes, a 50mm x 50mm square label can effectively convey your message and enhance the overall presentation of your products or materials.
From £104.36

A 100mm x 100mm square label offers a large canvas for comprehensive information, prominent branding, and visually appealing designs. It grabs attention, communicates effectively, and adds a professional touch to your products or promotional materials.
From £109.37

Square labels offer a timeless and classic design that can suit various branding and labelling needs.

Their symmetrical shape, efficient use of space and versatility make them a reliable choice for many businesses and individuals seeking a clean and visually appealing labelling solution. 


Why Choose Square Labels?

Square labels offer several advantages that make them a versatile and popular choice for various applications.

Here are some reasons why square labels can be a good choice: 

1. Symmetry and Balance

Square labels provide a balanced and symmetrical appearance that appeals to the human eye. The equal length of all sides creates a sense of stability and order, making square labels aesthetically pleasing and visually harmonious. 

2. Efficient Use of Space

Square labels maximize the use of available space, especially on packaging or products with square or rectangular surfaces. The straight edges of square labels allow for seamless placement, ensuring no wasted space and enabling a clean and professional look. 

3. Flexibility in Design

The symmetrical shape of square labels offers design flexibility. Whether you want to display a logo, brand name, or product information, square labels provide a canvas that accommodates various design elements. They can easily incorporate text, images, or QR codes without compromising the overall visual appeal.

4. Easy Alignment and Application

Square labels are straightforward to align and apply, particularly when using label applicators or automatic labelling machines. The straight edges provide clear reference points, making it easier to position the labels accurately and quickly. 

5. Brand Consistency

Square labels allow for consistent branding across different products or packaging. Whether you have multiple product lines or various items in your inventory, using square labels with consistent branding elements, such as colours, fonts, and logo placement, helps create a cohesive and recognizable brand identity. 

6. Enhanced Visibility

Square labels can provide excellent visibility, making it easier for customers to spot your products on store shelves or in displays. The geometric shape stands out amidst other shapes, increasing the chances of catching the attention of potential buyers. 

7. Versatility in Application

Square labels can be used for a wide range of purposes, from product labelling to promotional materials or event giveaways. They work well on boxes, bottles, jars, envelopes, or any other items that have flat surfaces suitable for a square label application.