Rectangle Labels

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Size 85x205mm. This size will be a perfect for a standard 330ml can.
From £136.48

Size 120x205mm. This size will be a perfect for a standard 440ml can.
From £166.21

A 100mm x 50mm rectangle label offers a balanced proportion, ample space for information, and versatile design options. Its rectangular shape allows for efficient communication, effective product labelling, and enhanced branding opportunities. Whether you need to convey detailed information or create a visually appealing design, a 100 x 50mm label provides a suitable platform for your labelling needs.
From £105.78

A 200mm x 100mm label can be a suitable choice when you require enhanced visibility, ample space for detailed information, and a larger canvas for branding and design elements.
From £116.75

Rectangle-shaped labels offer efficient use of space, readability, compatibility with packaging, branding opportunities, design versatility, ease of alignment, and a wide range of label options

Their practicality and adaptability make them a popular choice for labelling various products, ensuring clear communication and visually appealing packaging or promotional materials. 

Why Choose Rectangle Labels?

Rectangle-shaped labels offer several benefits that make them a versatile and widely-used choice for labelling purposes. Here are some advantages of rectangle-shaped labels: 

1. Efficient Use of Space

Rectangular labels maximize the use of available space. Their elongated shape allows for more information, such as product details, instructions, branding elements, or promotional messages, to be displayed clearly and legibly. The extended surface area enables efficient communication without overwhelming the label design. 

2. Readability

The rectangular shape provides a natural flow for text, making it easier to read and comprehend information on the label. The straight edges of a rectangle offer clear boundaries for text placement and enhance legibility, ensuring that important details are easily understood by customers or users. 

3. Compatibility with Packaging

Many products, such as boxes, bottles, or containers, have rectangular or square surfaces. Rectangle-shaped labels align well with these packaging shapes, allowing for seamless application and a clean, professional appearance. They adhere smoothly to flat or slightly curved surfaces, enhancing the overall presentation. 

4. Branding Opportunities

The elongated shape of a rectangular label provides ample space for branding elements. You can prominently feature your logo, brand name, tagline, or visuals associated with your brand identity. The rectangular shape offers flexibility in designing a cohesive and recognizable brand presence on your products or promotional materials. 

5. Design Versatility

Rectangle labels offer design versatility due to their shape. You can arrange text, images, or graphics in different orientations, such as horizontal or vertical layouts, depending on your design preferences and label dimensions. This flexibility allows for creative customisation and a tailored approach to meet your specific branding needs. 

6. Easy Alignment and Application

The straight edges and corners of rectangle labels simplify alignment and application processes. They provide clear reference points for precise positioning, whether applied manually or using labelling machines. This convenience saves time and ensures consistent placement across your products or materials.