What is a Brand Identity?

In today’s crowded digital market, the biggest challenge is to stand out from the ‘noise’ and capture the attention of a potential customer. Or, if you have a product that sits on a shelf, what will make yours different? Instantly recognisable? What will reflect your brand values, quality, and appeal to your target audience? The label. But what goes on your label that will make you stand out from the rest?

Whether you run a UK-wide business that sells confectionary into larger retailers, or you make your own beer, whatever product you produce, the lack of effective label branding will highly likely cost you sales.

If your message is not delivered visually in an instant, enticing customers and reassuring them of your product quality, you may struggle to create and retain an engaged audience.

Branded labels will help to define your business in detail to your audience; they will express:

  1. What do you sell and why is it different to other products on the market?
  2. What do you stand for and what are your values?
  3. What ideals do you represent?

If powerful, well-thought-out branding is in place, all these questions and more can be answered in one glance at your product – be it online or on the shelf. A skilfully designed logo on a bottle, jar, packet or tub can instantly show the power of branding. Think of yourself browsing in the supermarket and what you are attracted to. If it is Happy Friday and you would like a refreshing gin and tonic – you will know about Gordon’s London Dry Gin. You may like some Walker’s crisps to go with it. Why do you choose these brands and why do you trust them? And that is what brand identity is all about.

Your brand identity should contain these combined elements:

  1. Colour – what colours best reflect your brand and why? Look at this guide to further understand the psychology of colour.
  2. Logo – a logo should reflect the overall feel and look that identifies you to your customers.
  3. Wording – a clever tag line or catchphrase can be a powerful brand tool (every little helps…) why not brainstorm ideas with colleagues or even better – run a competition on social media to get ideas!

Creating a brand identity builds awareness for your product be it on the shelf, magazine advert on online, and it sets you apart from competitors who sell the same products as your business. A solid brand can make you stand out, gives you credibility and most importantly – trust.

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